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The Dolbier Research Group

The Dolbier research program is dedicated mainly to the synthesis and study of compounds containing fluorine.

Organic compounds that contain fluorine are of vital interest and importance to virtually every area of modern technology, including polymers, pharmaceutical/agrochemical products, and material science.  Because of the special synthetic challenges that it presents, and because of the unique structure/reactivity relationships observed for fluorine-containing compounds, the field of organofluorine chemistry is one of both fundamental and practical interest. In our case this is reflected by the projects in the group, which are a mixture of fundamental and applied projects. Although we remain interested in the fundamental aspects of reactivity of fluorinated molecules and reactive intermediates, our major research interests now involve the development of new synthetic methods for incorporation of fluorine into organic molecules, mainly through the invention and development of new fluorinated “building blocks,” and through the use of fluoroalkyl radicals generated using photoredox chemistry.